Owner Surrender

Owner Surrender

We recognize that circumstances change, hardships arise, and surrendering your pet is sometimes the only option available. Knowing how difficult the decision to give up your pet can be, we recommend carefully considering all of the following options before surrendering your pet.

  • Have you exhausted all efforts to place your dog with family and close friends who may already know your dog well?
  • Have you consulted your vet regarding sudden behavior changes that could be related to physical health?
  • Have you consulted with a professional trainer to assess your dog’s behaviors to receive trusted advice?
  • Have you considered options for exercise and companionship to help your dog’s physical, mental, and emotional needs?

Regardless of how hard we work to make sure their transition is as easy as possible, it is going to be a difficult change for the dog.


What does “surrendering” an animal mean?

By surrendering your pet to Pound PuppyZ, you are giving up ownership of and responsibility for that pet to Pound PuppyZ Dog Rescue so we can complete medical care and have the dog adopted into another home.


You will need to tell us everything about your dog. The information you provide on the form will help make the transition into a new home a little easier and help us assess the dog’s needs. 

-Please provide all of your dog’s medical records, including medications and vaccine history.

-Provide pictures that we can use to help place the dog.

-Any information about personality, likes, dislikes, etc.


What happens after you fill out the form?

We will assess your dog prior to making a final commitment to bring him/her into our rescue. This assessment will be done in person, by one of our trained volunteers. We CANNOT accept any aggressive dogs or dogs that must be an “only” dog. We are a foster-only rescue and can not put our foster families or their personal dogs at risk. 

Due to a very high volume of owner surrender requests, we may need you to hold onto your dog until a space in our rescue opens up. This wait can take days or months. During this time, we may also work with you to get your dog spayed/neutered (if not already done, and there will be a fee for this service), up-to-date on vaccines, and do a medical evaluation. To accept your dog we will need you to ensure your dog gets to and from these appointments. Any missed appointments will result in the dismissal of your surrender.


By submitting the Surrender Form, you are relinquishing all claims and ownership of the said dog to the organization known as Pound PuppyZ Dog Rescue and its members. Neither Pound PuppyZ nor its members shall be responsible for the actions of the adoptive or foster family and/or dog. You certify this dog is not vicious and has never shown signs of aggression toward human beings or other dogs, and that this dog has never bitten anyone.


All dogs coming in for surrender MUST be pre-approved for intake.

  • Owner surrenders are by appointment only.
  • There is a fee due at the time of surrender for all owner surrenders:
    – $75 for all dogs
    – $200 fee for all unaltered dogs

If you need to surrender a dog, please complete the Owner Surrender Request for our rescue to review.


Due to the high volume of owner surrenders and the overcapacity of rescue and shelters, we prioritize strays and shelter pulls. There may be a wait of six months or more for owner surrenders.